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  • Don’t let the pursuit of perfection prevent you from starting.

    There is no such thing as a perfect time. It’s a fallacy that maintains anxiety, maintains uncertainty and maintains self doubt. There is an air of being self critical and judgmental when you’re on the perfection train and there’s only one stop.

    There may be a convenient time and an inconvenient time. But no such thing as a perfect time. Sometimes we just have to take the plunge.
    Worse yet, pursuit of perfection is how we self sabotage.

    I know this because for months I had on my weekly to do list- start posting business content on Instagram. I even had the name but I didn’t add a picture or any information.

    Somehow I could “never” find the time. And if I did work on something, I wasn’t happy with the post, the message, the picture, you name it, I thought it. I had the insecurity of it “not being good enough”, “nor professional enough” or “nor being smart enough”. It wasn’t going to be as good as the other Instagram accounts I follow. Will people even follow or worst yet, what if people follow? As you can see, one negative thought led to the mother-load of negative thoughts.

    I reminded myself “Courage before Confidence”. Courage to be myself, courage to be authentic and most importantly courage to not be Perfect. Even therapists have to battle the negative thoughts and need a reminder that is all they are, thoughts.

    Be Brave and Live Your Life Perfectly Unperfect