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  • Let Go And Be Joyful

    Fill your life with as much JOY as possible. It’s time to say LET GO! Let go of anything that no longer serves you. And focus on the things that bring you the joy you were meant to have.

    What will you focus on this week? Will you find joy in the mundane? Will you focus your attention on the things that bring happiness, delight and contentment?

    It’s a common misconception that joy and happiness are only allowed once everything is perfect and settled. When does that ever happen in the real world?

    No, Joy and Happiness are experienced when we select and choose to experience them, despite things not being perfect. Joy and Happiness is a choice, it’s a decision that must be made daily. Some days it’s easier than other days to make that choice; that is life and that is the real world. It’s not perfect, nor are circumstances equal for everyone. However, choice in what you focus on, on what you bring into your storyline, and what beliefs you hold, that is a decision you make everyday.

    This is a simple concept but difficult to implement. This requires a lot of practice and making it an automatic thought.

    This is not a cure nor a one size fits all to what ails you but this is a way to recharge and keep going when things are difficult and painful.

    So, how will you choose JOY today?

    I choose to find Joy in seeing my dog toss and turn on the bed looking for her perfect sleeping position. It’s funny, it’s sweet and it always makes me chuckle.