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  • Your brain sometimes lies to you!!!

    Just because you think it and feel it deeply, it does not mean that it’s always correct. Very often we are under the impression that our thoughts are always accurate and therefore we never stop to take a moment to evaluate them. 

    What many of us don’t know is that our thoughts actually contribute to how we feel and as a result to how we behave. 

    Our Thoughts– Our Emotions– Our Behavior

     Can you imagine how something so important and impactful in our day to day goes without questioning! 

    *If you have food allergies and go out to eat at a restaurant, I know that you’ll be asking about the ingredients. 

    *If you went to the doctor and were prescribed a medicine, I know that you’ll be asking about possible side effects. 

    *When buying an item on Amazon, do you read the online reviews to answer some questions you may have? 

    *Do you ask questions about where things are sourced from before buying them? 

    *Do you ask questions about whether food items are organic, locally sourced, non-GMO? 

    And the list of questions goes on and on. We’ll question everything and everyone that we interact with but we won’t question our thinking. 

    Next time you’re noticing unpleasant emotions or behaving in a manner that doesn’t reflect how you wish to act- Take a Pause and Ask yourself “What am I telling myself right now about this situation? And is that true? 

    This of course takes practice and even though I teach my clients this and know better, I still get caught up in the story that I tell myself without evaluating it. And sometimes I don’t want to evaluate; it’s not about being perfect in the practice. It’s about practicing it as best as we can. 

    The first step is to start to notice it. This is one of the therapy techniques that I start with and introduce to my clients; this is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

     I’ll be posting more examples of how to identify distorted thoughts.